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Hester Potts (Chiropractor)

Hester is out on Maternity Leave

Hester is currently out on maternity leave so she is not currently practicing chiropractic. We will update the site once she is ready to return. Please contact us if you’d like to schedule an appointment with another doctor.

I knew I wanted to be a Chiropractor

Newcastle Upon Tyne Chiropractor, Hester

Hester Potts

My first chiropractic appointment was when I was 15 and it was incredible. From that moment forward I knew I wanted to be a chiropractor.

My running coach recommended that I see a chiropractor for ‘shin splints’. Although I went with leg pain, the chiropractor took the time to explain how the spine and nervous system are linked to the whole body. Having seen many other healthcare professionals previously, she was the first person who actually explained to me what was happening in my body. Under chiropractic care, not only did my ‘shin splints’ improve, my overall health improved too! From the age of 15 I knew that I wanted to do for others what my chiropractor had done for me: educate, explain and improve peoples’ health.

Chiropractic Education

After finishing high school in Canada, my route to chiropractic college required me to do an undergraduate degree. I attended McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada where I gained a Bachelor in Kinesiology. While studying at university I discovered the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth, England. As I have a British passport I decided to cross the pond and study in the UK. I completed the four-year degree course, followed by a Masters in Chiropractic Sciences, graduating in 2004.

Outside of the Clinic

I am married to Ian (a canny Northern lad!) and we have 3 young sons.  All of our sons were born at home and received their first chiropractic adjustment within hours of being born.  I lived in England for 13 years and have recently moved to Canada with my husband’s job.  I am still running, having run the great north run four times and the London marathon once. I thank chiropractic care for keeping me going!

Thanks for visiting our Centred Chiropractic site. I look forward to hearing from you and learning how we may be of service. If you have any questions, please give our Newcastle upon Tyne office a call, or email me using the link below.

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