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Dr Megan Lilburne (Chiropractor)

Newcastle Upon Tyne Chiropractor, Megan

Dr Megan Lilburne

Megan’s Personal Journey

Megan’s Chiropractic story started at 10yrs old, when she started suffering daily headaches which became excruciating in her mid teens. She found that her headaches, back pain, menstrual pain and asthma made her life miserable and she relied on painkillers every night to get to sleep. At the time, she thought that was normal!

Megan elected to study Chiropractic at Macquarie University and started receiving Chiropractic Adjustments. As she went through her course of adjustments, she felt like the sun had come out from behind the clouds in her life! Her headaches and back pain resolved, she hasn’t used an asthma inhaler since 17yrs old, and most importantly, she began to enjoy her day to day life! Living in discomfort is not pleasant and it affected her whole life.

Learning to Live a Healthy Life

As Megan continued through her degree and Masters, she learnt more and more about what it takes to achieve physical and emotional health, and slowly changed her lifestyle habits to become happier and healthier. She changed her diet from a sugary mess to mostly based on fruit and veggies.  She began to exercise everyday and practice stress reduction techniques. She was thrilled to be more comfortable, feel more capable, enjoy clearer skin and started to feel excited about life. Friends and family also noted she was less grumpy!

Outside of the Clinic

Megan has been helping people in the UK through Chiropractic for the last 9 years. She moved to her favourite area, Northumberland, in 2013 and was delighted to join the team at Centred Chiropractic. In her spare time she indulges her passions for tennis, cooking, travelling and generally having fun with gusto!

Megan is highly committed to her clients, she is an excellent adjuster with great hands and devoted to giving her clients the lifestyle advice they want/need. To her Chiropractic is about having the confidence to do what you want and feel great while doing it. Chiropractic is about enhancing your life, and through personal and professional experience, Megan has a broad range of skills to help you do so.

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